Frequently asked questions

Do I need any special hardware?

No, 360 tours work on all devices. Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Do I need a touch screen TV?

360 concessions run best on a large touch screen. But you can use a keyboard & mouse.

Do I need 3D models for CGI’s?

No, we build everything. Just give us the plans and design specification. We do the rest. We can use your existing models. Revit, Max, Maya, SketchUp & more.

I don’t have a touch screen TV but I want one for a short period of time?

Don’t worry you can use ours. Ask about our rental package.

How much does it cost?

This can depend on the level of complexity and embedded content. Going live start from as little as £450.00 per tour

Compatible with 360° & DSLR Cameras

How much is 360 live?

Some corporate networks and strict firewalls are incompatible with the free Peer-to-Peer based Live Guided Tours. We use LGT with TURN: It detects those users who have difficulties connecting through the free version and connects them through a relay server. It’s like an insurance that only jumps in when there’s a problem. There is a cost for TURN bandwidth. 

Starting from £9/Month for 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth